Curtis Johnston

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Curtis was born with biliary atresia, a disease in which the liver fails to properly excrete bile. Before liver transplantation was possible, patients often became profoundly jaundiced and died of liver failure. Curtis did indeed suffer liver failure at six months of age. His jaundice made him irritable, malnourished, and so unhappy that he had to be constantly carried by his mother or father.

He came to London Health Sciences Centre to be assessed for transplant. To maintain his health, he took 14 different medications and received tube feeding as he struggled to keep up the body weight he needed to be a suitable transplant candidate. Two months later he had a living-related transplant whereby he received a piece of liver from his father, Matt.

After recovering from the transplant his life has been active and normal. (His father was back to normal after a few weeks as well!!) Curtis takes only one medication, an immunosuppressant.

He is now a happy Grade One student, and enjoys playing with Lego, reading Harry Potter books, riding his bike, and playing soccer.

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