Robert Martinho

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Robert is now 11 years old and full of energy and spunk. Even when he was feeling so poorly before his liver transplant, Robert was known for his happy disposition and bright smiles. He would take all of his discomforts and pain in stride and still maintain his infectious sense of humour. The sun on his quilt patch represents his personality, which has only gotten brighter and happier since he received his very precious gift of a ‘new’ liver.

During his three months in the hospital at the time of his transplant, Robert always wore his spiderman slippers. No matter where he went in the hospital, people always commented on his slippers. The spiderman on the quilt patch represents the time of waiting in the hospital and all of the wonderful staff who provided so many happy memories for him to bring home.

Because Robert was born with many different health issues, he is very knowledgeable and interested in anything medical. He is very comfortable in a hospital setting and enjoys questioning doctors and nurses about what they are doing. He loves pretending he is a doctor performing surgeries and putting IVs into any stuffed animal that he can find. If there had been room on his patch, there would have been a stethoscope to represent his interest and involvement in his medical condition and treatments.

Red is Robert’s favourite colour and so it was very easy to pick the material for his patch. Robert has always been fascinated with emergency personnel such as paramedics, firemen, and policemen. He likes red because it is the colour of firetrucks.

Robert and his family are very thankful for the generosity of donor families who truly give the “gift of life”!

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