Kurt Penner

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Three years prior to my double lung transplant, I considered myself a healthy, normal individual, living life to the fullest. As a husband, a father of two boys, and working in the finance industry, I was not prepared for, or had even contemplated, becoming seriously ill.

In my time of need, I was very fortunate to have received a double lung transplant. I want to thank my donor family for having the foresight in their time of sorrow that enabled me to continue the experiences of life.

Since my transplant I have lived through and enjoyed many experiences, from watching both of my sons graduate from their academic endeavors, to bringing their respective wives into our family, from travelling the breadth of Canada by automobile, to helping celebrate my parents’ 96th and 92nd birthdays. A special highlight was winning a Gold Medal at the 2005 World Transplant Games held in London, Ontario.

As a tribute to my donor, I will continue to adhere to my post-transplant health regime, and do my utmost to derive maximum benefit from my second chance at life.

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