Bob Nesbitt

Double Lung Transplant Recipient 1990

Rec Picture
The photo used for the quilt patch is one of me delivering a curling stone. Curling is a game I love and was deprived of playing for three plus years pre-transplant. Since transplant, I have played the game with a vengeance, have met many great people and attended several championship Provincial, National and International events as a spectator.

The watermark that appears in the photo is of the green ribbon, the provincial flower (trillium) and the gift of life. I was privileged to have my hand directly involved in the selection of this logo for the Trillium Gift of Life Network. I also had the honour of being one of the architects in building this provincial organization.

The caption is true. In order to achieve success in convincing the public that organ and tissue donation is the right thing to do, it boils down to the message we deliver and how we deliver it.

The material provided for the transfer of the photo, is my T-shirt that I wore at my first World Transplant Games in Vancouver in 1993. I ran, cycled and lawn bowled for Team Canada. For the first time in my life I truly felt Canadian, and was proud to wear the Maple Leaf on my back. I still get misty when I hear the National Anthem because I reflect back to when it was played and, as a Canadian athlete, I stood on the podium after receiving a Gold Medal.

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