Broader Public Sector Hospital Reporting Directive

As is required by the Broader Public Sector Hospital Reporting Directive under the Broader Public Sector Accountability Act, 2010 (BPSAA), London Health Sciences Centre is publically posting the attached Attestation of Compliance. The BPSAA also requires each hospital Board acknowledge and approve this Attestation of Compliance with the directives.

With the implementation of the BPSAA in December 2010 and the subsequent Procurement Directives and Expense Directives in April 2011, LHSC has assumed increased responsibility for all aspects of contract management.

LHSC is committed to openness and transparency and we have taken additional steps to ensure all organizational policies and practices comply with these new BPSAA requirements.

2017/2018 Attestation of Compliance

2016/2017 Attestation of Compliance

2015/2016 Attestation of Compliance

2014/2015 Attestation of Compliance

2013/2014 Attestation of Compliance

2012/2013 Attestation of Compliance

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