CSTAR and The University of Western Ontario's Richard Ivey School of Business Working Together

Monday March 10, 2008

London, Ont - Canadian Surgical Technologies & Advanced Robotics (CSTAR) is collaborating with the University of Western Ontario's Richard Ivey School of Business to develop a business case for use in future Ivey curricula. Students from both HBA and MBA Programs will develop this business case under the

Business students Leah Hillier, Lyndsay Passmore & Virginia Ritchie, and Prof. John Haywood-Farmer

direction of Dr. Jim Hatch, Professor of Finance, and Dr. John Haywood-Farmer, Associate Professor of Operations Management.

"Development of business cases is a long-standing and effective means of helping students understand the complexities, challenges and opportunities of modern-day business. While business case development requires significant focus and effort, these students will benefit greatly from the valuable learning opportunity presented by CSTAR", says Dr. Haywood Farmer.

"Minimally invasive surgery, unlike other business sectors, experiences very rapid technology turnover and innovation. This adds to the uniqueness and challenge of this business case and

makes the learning opportunity of CSTAR of immeasurable value to our students", states Dr. Jim Hatch, who also serves on CSTAR's Business Development Team (http://www.lhsc.on.ca/About_Us/CSTAR/The_People_of_CSTAR/BusinessTeam.htm).

"Our relationship with the Richard Ivey School of Business is very important to CSTAR and we are very pleased to provide this opportunity to these and future students of the Ivey Program. We all stand to benefit from their diligence and enthusiasm for this project", says John Parker, CSTAR Director.

The project is now underway and will be completed April 2008. For more information about University of Western Ontario's Richard Ivey School of Business or CSTAR, please refer to the following websites: http://www.ivey.ca/default.htm or www.lhsc.on.ca/cstar.

For more information, please contact John Parker at: john.parker@lhsc.on.ca.

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