LHSC Nurses and Respiratory Therapists Team up for Simulation Training at CSTAR

Tuesday March 4, 2008

London, Ont - CSTAR hosted LHSC Registered Nurses and Registered Respiratory Therapists for a team-based, simulation training program using the advanced “Sim Man” anesthesia simulator. This 4 hour session allowed participants the opportunity to train for emergency clinical situations in a simulation environment.

Clinical/Research Fellow Dr Joann Kawchuk administers treatment to “Sim Man” with LHSC RNs, RTs and MDs.

“The Sim-lab is fabulous! It enables us as a healthcare team (MDs, RNs, RTs) to have a very unique and meaningful learning experience.” stated Jean Morrow RN, CCOT Team.

The session was facilitated by Anesthesiologist Dr Jeff Granton. “Errors in medical care are not random events. They often result from a breakdown or inadequacy of a system. Simulation may provide the opportunity to test these systems under stressful and realistic circumstances. We can then see where potential errors occur and correct them before harm can come to a patient.”

Working along side Dr.Granton was Dr. Joann Kawchuk, Clinical and Research Fellow in Critical Care. “Overall, I love working with multi-disciplinary teams in crisis management. This is the next frontier in patient safety.” said Dr Kawchuk.


Dr Ron Butler applies compressions as RT Tracey Siderius applies the airbag to get Sim Man breathing again.

“CSTAR is very pleased to support team-based simulation training opportunities for LHSC”, stated John Parker, Director. “With the opening of CSTAR’s Brent and Marilyn Kelman Centre for Advanced Learning, scheduled for Fall 2009, CSTAR’s capacity to support team-based training will build on this impressive success and be nothing short of world class.”



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