CSTAR Town Hall Meeting Identifies“Champions of Innovation” as Key to Implementing Minimally Invasive Technologies

June 19, 2008

London, Ont - CSTAR held its first Town Hall Meeting on June 16th to discuss London’s experience with implementing and supporting Minimally Invasive Technologies (MIT) and Programs in London.

Dr Satava and Dr Denstedt
Dr Richard Satava, a world-renowned expert in minimally invasive surgery with Dr John Denstedt, Chair/Chief of Surgery at LHSC.

The meeting was attended by surgeons, senior administration and members of industry, along with special guest, Dr. Richard Satava, a world-renowned expert in minimally invasive surgery and Professor of Surgery from The University of Washington. Participants were interested in his perspectives on effectively implementing minimally invasive technologies into Canadian healthcare.

With Dr. John Denstedt serving as Moderator, key stakeholders spoke about opportunities and challenges in bringing minimally invasive procedures to the operating room, as well as managing innovation and improving the standard of patient care. The discussion centred on how to sustain funding for MIT; the need for interdisciplinary collaboration between health professionals; and how to encourage the adoption of MIT within the hospital.

Dr. Satava stressed the importance of implementing MIT strategically from the top down and the role of senior leadership in creating a culture that supports and embraces it.

“You need a clear vision set forth by senior leaders, acknowledging they are making minimally invasive technology a key strategy of the organization,” said Dr. Satava. “Along with this strategic vision you also need a champion of innovation to drive these technologies forward.”

Clinicians discussed the issues of patient safety, benefits to patients, the transfer of new knowledge, and the practicality of getting new minimally invasive technologies into the operating room.

The goal of the meeting was to bring surgical leaders and senior administration together to talk about their views on innovation and to expose them to new ideas and ways of thinking.

“The town hall meeting really enabled all of us to participate in a common discussion of broad issues that affect major decisions to implement minimally invasive technologies to deliver the very best care to patients,” said John Parker, Director, CSTAR.

CSTAR’s mission is to facilitate the transfer of new knowledge to educate and train surgical practitioners on the most innovative surgical procedures to allow them to deliver the best patient-centred care to improve quality of life.

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