Thoracic Surgery Team Members from across Canada Participate in CSTAR Course

Monday June 9, 2008

London, Ont - Thoracic surgeons and residents from across Canada took part in CSTAR's latest Program in Advanced Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery on June 4th and 5th.

While video-assisted surgery is practiced by all thoracic surgeons, advanced procedures such as lobectomies and esophagectomies are only preformed in select centres. CSTAR's Program this past week was the first of its kind in Canada.

The Advanced Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery Update was an integrated program designed not only for thoracic surgeons, but included nurses, aneasthesiologists, and other OR team members learning side-by-side at CSTAR's state-of-the-art facility.

"More and more patients are asking for minimally invasive thoracic procedures," said Dr. Richard Malthaner, a thoracic surgeon and organizer of the program. "To remain a leading centre in Canada we need to train the next generation of surgeons on the latest innovative procedures – that's what we did here today."

Post-operative nurse Val Wootton also took part in the program and gained a deeper insight into the importance of working as a team. "I could really see clearly the importance of team work during the VATS course as it emphasized how we learn together and are all working towards the same goal. I now have a greater appreciation of each person's role in caring for the patient. It will also be beneficial for me to have this kind of education for the new hires I precept," said Wootton.

CSTAR closes the gap that exists between those who create new knowledge and innovation and the patients and practitioners who benefit from it. By providing education and training for surgical residents and practicing surgeons, and by conducting collaborative research and testing, CSTAR helps bring innovative surgical procedures to the operating room so that patients can benefit from the latest and most ground-breaking surgical care.

From the clinical bench to the bedside, it takes many years for new surgical techniques to be performed in the operating room. CSTAR is a hub of innovation and excitement that helps deliver these new techniques to the patients who need them most. Procedures such as minimally invasive surgery developed at CSTAR not only improve outcomes in the operating room, they allow patients to recover, both physically and mentally, in significantly less time thus improving quality of life.VATS


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