Kirk Baines Chair, LHSF

Board of directors

Bonnie Adamson
Kirk Baines, Chair
David Blyth
Keith Butler
Susan Carlyle, Second Vice Chair
Jim Cassidy, First Vice Chair
Matthew Creighton
Tony Dagnone
Geoffrey Davies
Dr. Christopher Fernandes
Tom Gergely
Paul Hebert, Treasurer
Sharon Irwin-Foulon
George Kerhoulas, Past Chair
Peter Kirkwood
Denny Lang
Nelson Parreira
Mike Peerless
Kelly Roberts
Dr. Christopher Schlachta
Bob Siskind
Frank Smith
Dr. Akira Sugimoto
Kelly C. Tranquilli
Tod Warner
Dan Ross, President & CEO, LHSF (non-voting)
Michael Lerner, Partner, Lerners LLP (non-voting)

When we enable compassion, skill and innovation, it is the patients who ultimately triumph.

This report shares “Moments of Triumph” brought about because of the compassionate and skilled care delivered at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). It takes community support to enable our hospital’s dedicated researchers, clinicians and educators to make such an outstanding difference for patients from southwestern Ontario, while also enhancing and advancing health care worldwide. You, our donors, make these moments possible.

London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF) disbursed a record $36.26 million to our hospital last year.

These donated funds supported many of the hospital’s priorities in patient care, equipment, research and education, along with the construction of the research and patient-care facilities opened last year.

While encouraging and receiving major donations are central in our efforts to enable world-class care at LHSC, we also have many fundraising initiatives that continue to contribute essential funds and connect with supporters throughout the region at a grassroots level.

The funds generated by our lotteries are indispensable in helping us support the highest-priority needs of our hospital while highlighting the great care and innovative work at LHSC. Last year we had an amazing Dream Lottery, selling out in record time, and our revamped Win A Million Lottery was also a great success.

Our community-based events also had a great year with more than 90 fundraisers held across the region. These events are crucial in raising awareness and funds for the hospital and, specifically, the programs they support. Most importantly, they connect LHSF with our communities, create hope and inspire people to be philanthropic.

Our Foundation’s signature events continued to increase in popularity. Tastings, our food and wine gala, sold out and a surprise performance by Blue Rodeo helped us round up record revenues at our Country Classic Auction.

Thank you for an incredible year.

As we celebrate its success, we are already planning to meet LHSC’s ongoing and future needs. For the last 12 years, we have focused on fundraising for facilities. Going forward, we will renew our focus on people. We will work with our hospital and you, our community, to enable physicians, researchers and staff to be innovative and to deliver the best care.

With your support, we will continue to keep LHSC at the forefront of health care worldwide.