2013/2014 strategic priorities

2013/14 Strategic Priorities

LHSC is committed to helping lead the transformation underway in our health-care system. With increasing population health needs and provincial fiscal challenges, we must re-imagine how care is delivered to ensure a sustainable system for generations to come. We are working with our community and health-system partners to develop more seamless care for patients, while also implementing improvement initiatives within our own internal processes. These priorities will continue in 2014/15 in addition to a focus on financial and resource sustainability.

A female nurse cares for a patient in the cardiac day/night unit at LHSC’s University Hospital.

Clinical Services Renewal

This strategy is LHSC’s proactive approach to defining the future of health care. Working in close collaboration with system partners this strategy is comprised of three work streams: Clinical Strategy, Internal Improvement, and Partnering in Transformation. Together these will help LHSC drive transformation within the health-care system...Read moreread more

Healthcare Undergoing Optimization (HUGO)

This initiative, part of the Enabling Technology plan, is enhancing patient safety and quality of care through evidence-based care, standardization, bar-coding technology to reduce medication errors, automation and process flow change as we advance towards the electronic patient record...Read moreread more

 Norma Wood, charge nurse, takes a patient’s history at a new workstation on wheels in the surgical prep unit at LHSC’s University Hospital.
A nurse and physiotherapist in LHSC’s Critical Care Trauma Unit.

Cultural Transformation

LHSC is working to transform our culture so that patients will have a better experience, staff and physicians will enjoy a better work environment, and LHSC will be a high-performing organization...Read moreread more