Cultural Transformation

Culture can be viewed as an organization’s personality – how the people within an organization collectively think, feel, and behave. At LHSC, culture presents in the experience provided to patients, family members, visitors, and in how staff and physicians interact.

The past year of LHSC’s cultural transformation has focused on two simple concepts:

  • The full empowerment and engagement of direct service staff and physicians, giving them the ability to make decisions; and
  • Working more collaboratively with physicians by creating a true partnership.

This journey is complementing and helping LHSC achieve its objectives of clinical and service excellence, and patient- and family-centred care. Ultimately by achieving a positive culture, patients will have a better experience, employees and physicians will enjoy a better work environment, and LHSC will be a higher-performing organization.

Strategic Priorities

Clinical Services Renewal
Comprised of three work streams—Clinical Strategy, Internal Improvement, and Partnering in Transformation—the Clinical Services Renewal plan lays the foundation of what LHSC must achieve so that it can help establish a better system of care for the patients we serve.


Enabling Technology Plan 2.0
This plan encompasses work to improve the functionality of HUGO (Healthcare Undergoing Optimization) for end-users, and planning for the full digitization of patient records and electronic staff scheduling.


Financial and Resource Sustainability
With unprecedented investment in our infrastructure over the past decade, LHSC is working to ensure its ability to maintain our human capital and facilities, while providing safe, high-quality care in an era of declining hospital funding and growing population health needs.