Enabling Technology Plan 2.0

The second phase of the Enabling Technology Plan encompasses work to improve the functionality of HUGO (Healthcare Undergoing Optimization) for end-users following its implementation across LHSC and 10 other regional hospitals. It also includes planning for the full digitization of patient records and electronic staff scheduling.

With the implementation of HUGO last year, LHSC took a huge step forward in its goal of creating a fully electronic health record. This transformative work shifted LHSC from paper processes to electronic technology for ordering tests, prescribing medication, and added barcoding to make sure the right patient is receiving the right medication at the right time. Despite the steep learning curve this work represented for staff and physicians, LHSC has seen a significant drop of 31% in monthly medication adverse events since implementing HUGO.

Optimization of the electronic health record continues, which will result in increased usability and adoption for the health-care providers using the system. It will also result in standardized workflows for the participating hospitals and across the health care system. All of this work is led by an interdisciplinary group of providers and clinicians to ensure it meets the needs of the end-users and benefits patients—moving to our end-goal of becoming fully electronic with patient health records.

Ultimately, the enabling technology plan is not just about technology, but rather about how LHSC can harness technology solutions to help better meet the needs of staff, physicians, patients and families.

Strategic Priorities

Clinical Services Renewal
Comprised of three work streams—Clinical Strategy, Internal Improvement, and Partnering in Transformation—the Clinical Services Renewal plan lays the foundation of what LHSC must achieve so that it can help establish a better system of care for the patients we serve.


Cultural Transformation
In order to be a high-performing organization, LHSC is working to transform our culture so that patients will have a better experience, and staff and physicians will enjoy a better work environment through increased engagement, empowerment and shared accountability.


Financial and Resource Sustainability
With unprecedented investment in our infrastructure over the past decade, LHSC is working to ensure its ability to maintain our human capital and facilities, while providing safe, high-quality care in an era of declining hospital funding and growing population health needs.