LHSC President and Chief Executive Officer Murray Glendining	Murray Glendining
President & CEO

LHSC Board Chair Ruthe Anne Conyngham Ruthe Anne Conyngham
Chair, Board of Directors


The time for change is now
A message from the Board Chair and President & CEO

Welcome to our online 2015 Annual Report for London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), where you will learn about the corporate and strategic elements of our hospital’s operations over the past year.

Despite a third year of funding constraints, you will see in the audited financial statements for 2014/15 that LHSC was able to maintain a positive financial position and we thank all those who worked diligently to make this possible. We anticipate similar funding challenges in the years ahead and recognize that if we do not fundamentally change the way we deliver services, our ability to meet the growing health needs of the communities and regions we serve will be challenged.

At LHSC we are committed to helping lead positive system change in collaboration with community and health system partners. As a result, we have set our strategic priorities to focus on further strengthening our partnerships, renewing our clinical priorities, improving staff engagement and accountability, and increasing the patient and family voice in decision-making. These actions have helped us prepare for sweeping change – change that will result in a high-quality, sustainable system of care that creates better patient and provider experiences.

This transformation would not be possible without the commitment, hard work, and compassion of our hospital’s people. In our year in review, we invite you to learn more about how our staff and physicians continue to excel through a snapshot of the medical firsts, awards, milestones, partnerships and innovative projects that we celebrated throughout the year. Our facts and stats information provides an overview of the size and scope of this incredible team and the number of patients we serve in London, the region, and beyond. We invite you to read stories on how our patients and their families benefit from this team’s care and expertise in the latest issue of our Inside publication at inside.lhsc.on.ca

With its legacy of care and innovation, we are confident that LHSC will continue pushing the envelope in discovering new and bold ways to improve care. The time is now to make this transformative change happen and we want to thank the staff, physicians, students, scientists, volunteers, patients, family members andpartners whose work is helping us achieve a stronger and more sustainable health-care system for generations to come.