Thank you to Children's Hospital

April 20, 2012


Children's HospitalDear Bonnie,

I am writing you today to tell you of my experience at Children’s Hospital at London Health Sciences Centre.

My four-year-old daughter became very ill a few weeks back, I took her to her doctor several times and was told each time she had a virus; she did in fact have pneumonia. Several days later she became extremely sick, and I rushed her to the Windsor Regional Hospital emergency room. She was admitted, and the next day developed serious complications, at which point she was taken to the intensive care unit and the decision was made to transport her to LHSC’s Children's Hospital. My initial emotions were devastation and fear. I couldn't help but think how she would be treated in London? Will she be given less thought, or less priority because she is an out-of-towner? The transport team came and took over from Windsor, putting some of those fears to rest. They became her mother in that ambulance, when I couldn't physically be in there with her.

In London she was admitted, and her plan for recovery began. Within hours of being at the hospital I knew this is where my daughter needed to be, that she was in the best of care, would receive everything she needed, and was a priority. Those first days were the most difficult on my daughter and my family, not knowing what was going to happen. The team of doctors - Dr. McNeil, Dr. Weisman, Dr. Vanhooren, Dr. Salvadore, and their teams - were amazing, always ensuring we knew exactly what was going on, and monitoring my daughter so closely.

My daughters nurses...

Karen S, Jocelyn, Angela, Eileen, Janelle, Emily, Karen N, Christine, Natalie, Inem, Melinda, Genevieve, Danielle B, Danielle L, Kelsey, Donna, Jill, Rebecca, Carol and Carlos, my family owes so much to. Their care and compassion I will never forget. The day I was walking down the hallway in a fog, a nurse stopped me and asked me "how are you doing?" My initial response was to laugh... then the flood gates opened and I started crying and couldn't stop, and that nurse hugged me so hard, and wouldn't let me go until I stopped. I don't even know her name, just that she was a beautiful nurse with gorgeous red hair.
I pray that God will always grant the staff that continued amazing strength, patience and compassion.

I will forever be a supporter and champion to Children's Hospital at LHSC for what they have done for my beautiful little princess. You have given me back her laugh, playfulness, and innocence.

Forever grateful,

A princess’ mother


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