Thank you to a radiation therapist for her creativity and compassion

June 22 , 2012


Dear Bonnie,


I read the inspirational letters sent in to LHSC publications all the time. Each time I feel happy and I share a little smile for those that have done such great work for those that are most likely having the worst day of their life. 

Today I write to you about an 8-year-old boy that just finished cancer treatment at the London Regional Cancer Program. My fiancé is a Radiation Therapist there on the paediatric team, and I often hear about the things she does to comfort and help the families of young children undergoing treatment. When she told me about this story, I just wanted to share it with others.

A few weeks ago, a young boy came in for his initial work-up that included a mask fitting. When the procedure was explained to the family, the mother quickly interrupted and said that there would be no way the child would sit that still for that long while having a cumbersome object placed over his face. My fiancé quickly learned that the child was a superhero fan and that his favourite hero was Captain America. So for 20 minutes, she talked about the latest movie and how Captain America would approach this situation. The amazing part to the story is that before this little boy returned for the start of his treatment regimen, she had drawn the superhero's costume/mask on his treatment mask. This is the first time a mask has been decorated or painted at the LRCP and I'm sure there'll be more to come in the future – especially after having such a great outcome!

Since returning, the young boy is glowing every time he gets to wear it and there has never been a major issue regarding restlessness or claustrophobia like the mother originally warned the therapists about. Throughout his treatment, he brought many different people into his treatment area, just to show off his mask.

I'm not sure if this is publication quality but his life has been greatly altered because of the mask. 


A proud fiancé

Superhero mask for patient


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