Period of PURPLE Crying

In April 2008, Children’s Hospital, London Health Sciences Centre was the first hospital in Ontario to adopt a Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention and education program called the Period of PURPLE Crying® generously sponsored by the Children’s Health Foundation. Since that time, over 4000 new families have been educated regarding normal and expected levels of infant crying and how to handle and care for a baby that is crying inconsolably.

To provide additional information on Shaken Baby Syndrome, the normalcy of crying and to support April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month, Children’s Hospital, in collaboration with the Middlesex London Health Unit, is launching a media campaign developed by the National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome.

“Crying can be one of the most challenging aspects of having a new baby. New parents want and expect a wonderful, mostly smiling, responsive baby. But when the baby cries for hours, the crying is unsoothable, and nothing the care givers do seems to help, the disappointment can be profound. Care givers need to know uncontrollable infant crying is typical, completely normal and that all infants experience periods of this type of crying in the first weeks and months of life”, says Denise Polgar, Injury Prevention Specialist, Children’s Hospital Trauma Program.

The media campaign supports a new web-based resource for parents, future parents and other caregivers that positions infant crying as a normal developmental stage rather than an indication of caregiver incompetence or an unhealthy child. For more information on how to help others relate to some of the crying challenges and better understand why it occurs and how best to deal with it visit:

For further information on LHSC’s Shaken Baby Syndrome prevention and education program, contact Denise Polgar, Injury Prevention Specialist, 519 685-8500, extension 75339.


Video courtesy of National Center on Shaken Baby Syndrome

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