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September 17, 2012

Dear Bonnie,

I am writing to you to express my gratitude for the remarkable care and treatment I received from a team of doctors, residents and nurses during my recent experience that included a diagnosis and surgery at University Hospital to remove a tumour from my pituitary gland.

My health issues began over two years ago but it was not until the vision in both eyes was seriously compromised that I was referred to Dr. Alex Fraser at University Hospital. Dr. Fraser arranged for several tests to be completed and that led to the diagnosis of a tumour on the pituitary gland. Dr. Fraser contacted me the day following the MRI and assured me that he would coordinate a team of doctors who would manage my care and treatment. What was remarkable to me and my family is that the team of doctors somehow found time in their schedule to review my case and meet with me to discuss my diagnosis and to schedule the surgery within the month.

I had a very positive outcome for which I am forever grateful. What helped me go through this extremely challenging process was knowing that I was receiving the highest level of care. Please allow me to acknowledge the individuals who played such a key role in my diagnosis, treatment, surgery and follow-up care.

First of all, I want to thank Dr. Alex Fraser who recognized that my eye sight was seriously at risk and who then quickly coordinated a team of specialists to help me. Neurosurgeon, Dr. Neil Duggall, and sinus specialist, Dr. Rottenburg took the time to meet with me and my husband and who then cleared time in their operating schedules in an expedient manner. Endocrinologist, Dr. Van Um and senior residents, Dr. Kristi Clemens and Dr. Ronen Gurfinkel began treating my illness prior to the surgery and continue to monitor me closely. I also want to thank nurse practitioner, Pat Doyle-Pettypiece and a fifth-year senior resident, Dr. Jason Beyea. Their daily visits in the hospital were very much appreciated. Although it was not expected, respirologist, Dr. Cory Yamashita also made the effort to see me in the hospital and provided me with information that eased my concerns. He, too, continues to provide follow-up care.

In addition, I want to acknowledge the sensitive and caring nursing staff at University Hospital. Having been in their care for seven days, I witnessed consistent and dedicated nursing staff that went beyond expectations to show sensitivity and care of the patients. Specifically, I want to acknowledge Gail, Brenda, Mary, Cathy, Chantell, Toona, Nam and Joni who were the nurses on the seventh floor during my stay. Thank you so much!

Having been in a senior management position, I am very much aware that you may sometimes be faced with complaints and concerns. I wanted the opportunity to simply reinforce for you that you have such a dedicated team of medical professionals who extend themselves beyond the title of physician. My experience demonstrated that these professionals are characterized by their humanity, dedication and their collaborative commitment to improve the quality of life for each and every patient. That goal was accomplished for me.

All of the doctors continue to monitor my progress. Thank you to all of the exceptional individuals for giving me a much better quality of life. I am forever grateful.

A thankful patient 


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