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LRCP is located at the corner of Wellington Road South and Commissioners Road East. It is the building closest to Wellington Road at Victoria Hospital of the London Health Sciences Centre.

Driving Directions


Coming by bus

Volunteer drivers



Driving Directions

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Visitors should use parking lot P1 and P2 located across from LRCP’s main entrance on Level 2. Handicapped parking is available across from the front entrance of LRCP in parking lot P2.

Wheelchairs are available just inside the main doors. Please have a family member or friend help you get in and out of the chair. When you are finished with the wheelchair, please return it to the Centre.

The parking spaces next to the Radiation Therapy entrance on Level 1 are reserved for ambulances, and Canadian Cancer Society Volunteer Drivers.

Daily, weekly or monthly parking passes are available. If you will be coming to LRCP on a regular basis it is less costly to buy a weekly or monthly pass. You may purchase weekly or monthly passes from the attendant at the parking booth as you exit the parking lot.

You can pay for daily parking with a credit card as you enter the lot. You will need to swipe your credit card again when leaving so please have it ready. You can also pay for daily parking in the Main Reception Area before you leave LRCP, at the pay station in the parking lot, or with the parking lot attendant parking as you exit.

Prices are subject to change without notice. Parking at LHSC is operated by Standard Parking. LRCP has no control over parking prices.


Entering the Building

LRCP is located in Zone A of London Health Sciences Centre Victoria Hospital. Please enter LRCP through one of the doors labeled “Zone A Entrance”.

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Coming by Bus

The 6 Richmond and 24 Baseline buses will take you directly to the hospital. The 1 Kipps Lane/Thompson Road and the 13 Wellington buses will drop you off near the hospital.

For schedules, fares and information call the London Transit Commission at 519-451-1347.


Volunteer Drivers

If you need a ride to LRCP, please call your local Canadian Cancer Society office. You should call at least 48 hours before your scheduled appointment time.



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