Speech-Language Pathology

Welcome to Speech-Language Pathology! Our website has been developed to share information about our service, the patients we care for, the teams we work in, and the students we train. Twelve speech-language pathologists are situated at Victoria Hospital and University Hospital, providing a wide range of specialized care to adults with communication and swallowing disorders.

Colleen with Patient

The speech-language pathologist conducts a clinical swallowing assessment with a patient.

We understand that problems with communication can impact an individual's personal, social, and vocational activities.  During the hospital stay, our goal is to provide timely involvement, as part of the interprofessional care team. We address communication and swallowing impairments to facilitate recovery and plan for an effective transition to home, with community supports.

We strive for excellence by embracing the need for life-long learning and maintaining state of the art practices. Collaborative research opportunities are abundant and enable our clinicians to advance their skills and maintain a spirit of inquiry.  We share our knowledge with our interprofessional partners, students and the community through participation in teaching rounds, mentorship, peer consultation and presentations.

We come together as a team, sharing our work, offering support, and fostering an atmosphere that respects and values each individual’s contributions.

Donna L. Bandur
Speech-Language Pathology Practice


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