Research Staff At LRCP

Alison L. Allan, PhD

Cellular and molecular biology of metastasis
Jerry J. Battista, PhD
Chief, LRCP Physics; Head, UWO Division of Radiation Oncology

Radiation dose computations, methods of radiation detection in 3-D, new radiation sources for therapy, radiobiology of DNA damage and repair
Nathalie Bérubé, PhD Epigenetic regulation of brain development

Ann F. Chambers, PhD Cell and molecular biology of metastasis

Fred Dick, PhD Cell cycle regulation in development and oncogenesis

Gabriel E. DiMattia, PhD
Head, Division of Experimental Oncology, UWO Department of Oncology

Regulation of gene expression in endocrine systems
Kevin Jordan, PhD New miniature radiation detectors, laser techniques for 3-D dosimetry and therapy

Jim Koropatnick, PhD
Director, LRCP Cancer Research Laboratory Program

Tumor cell drug resistance and metal homeostasis
John Lewis, PhD

Non-invasive imaging and targeting of angiogenesis and metastasis using multivalent nanoparticles
Leonard G. Luyt, PhD Bioorganic and medicinal chemistry, molecular imaging probe design, targeting cancer via GPCRs, radiochemistry

Joe S. Mymryk, PhD Molecular genetics of adenovirus E1A and human papillomavirus E7 function

David Rodenhiser, PhD The role of DNA methylation in gene expression and mutagenesis of tumour suppressor genes

Richard Rozmahel, PhD Genetics of disease modifiers in mice

Joe Torchia, PhD Mechanisms of eukaryotic gene regulation in cancer

Eva Turley, PhD The role of RHAMM in breast cancer prevention; characterization of genes involved in cell motility

Head, LRCP Clinical Physics
Radiation dosimetry, radiobiological response and volume effects of radiation induced lung damage, outcome optimization of 3-D conformal radiation therapy

Siu-Pok Yee, PhD Control of gene expression and cellular differentiation during embryonic development

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