Staff and Research Trainees

Nathalie Bérubé, PhDCurrent work centers on the ATRX protein and its role as an epigenetic regulator of gene transcription.

Graduate Students:

Varun Chaudhary, MSc Student, Faculty of Medicine and Dental Sciences
Project: ATRX and cell fate specification in the murine retina
Email: Varun Chaudhary

Kieran Ritchie, MSc Student, Department of Biochemistry
Email: Kieran Ritchie

Deanna Tremblay, MSc Student, Department of Biochemistry

Michael Levy, MSc Student, Department of Biochemistry
Project: The role of ATRX in the cortical hem and hippocampus
Email: Michael Levy

Research Technicians:

Claudia Seah, Technician
Project: Conditional deletion of ATRX in the murine forebrain
EmailClaudia Seah

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