Fall 2016 Catalyst Grants for Translational Research Competition Awardees

Please join me in congratulating the successful applicants:

Dr. Alison Allan
Title: Dynamic influence of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition on circulating tumor cell (CTC) generation, phenotype and progression to metastasis in prostate cancer
Amount Funded: $25,000 (Translational Prostate Cancer Research focus)
Dr. Fred Dick
Title: A CRISPR screen to discover Palbociclib resistance mechanisms in breast cancer
Amount Funded: $25,000 (Translational Breast Cancer Research focus)
Dr. Gabriel DiMattia, Co-Applicant: Dr. Fred Dick
Title: The role of p57KIP2 in survival of ovarian cancer spheroids
Amount Funded: $25,000 (Translational Ovarian Cancer Research focus)
Dr. Jonathan Izawa, Co-Applicants: Drs. Eric Winquist, Nicholas Power, Joseph Chin, Victor McPherson
Title: Neoadjuvant Metformin and Simvastatin in invasive bladder cancer
Amount Funded: $27,436.41 (Division of Surgical Oncology Award)
Dr. David Litchfield, Co-Applicants: Drs. Ann Chambers, Alison Allan, Alan Tuck
Title: Kinome profiling of triple negative breast cancer cells to reveal predictors of response to targeted therapy
Amount Funded: $25,000 (Translational Breast Cancer Research focus)
Dr. Anthony Nichols, Co-Applicants: Drs. Joe Mymryk, John Barrett, MD/PHD Candidate: Kara Ruicci
Title: HRAS G12V as a potential biomarker for response to standard and targeted therapeutics used to treat head and neck squamous cell cancer
Amount Funded: $29,000 (Division of Surgical Oncology Award)
Dr. Nicholas Power, Co-Applicant: Dr. Brian Allman
Title: Development of surgical nerve-sparing techniques during RPLND for testis cancer using a novel pig model
Amount Funded: $29,697 (Division of Surgical Oncology Award)


Congratulations and well done!

Joe Mymryk, Ph.D.

Chair, Grant Review Panel

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