Current Projects

Some of our current projects include Sarah Hawkins’ participation in a multi centre trial involving patients with Head and Neck cancer that experience dysphagia. In conjunction with Dr. Fung, Otolaryngolgist, she is also looking at the potential effect of a neck dissection on dysphagia.

In collaboration with Otolaryngologists, Dr. K. Fung and Dr. G. Jeremic, Suzanna Fox is investigating the prevalence of trismus in head and neck cancer patients treated with radiation therapy.

Donna Bandur is conducting a study with neurosurgeons: Dr. A. Parrent, Dr. D. Steven and Dr. S. de Ribaupierre to determine the presence and nature of language changes in patients undergoing temporal lobectomy. Additionally, a language mapping protocol is being tested to determine a possible correlation between intraoperative speech errors and recovery.

Stephanie Somers, in collaboration with Dr. Mandar Jog and Speech-Language Pathologist Angela South, is investigating the effects of gum chewing on the frequency and latency of swallow in patient’s with Parkinson’s disease.

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