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LHSC staff member wins national draw

Exceptional Experiences April 2012 Candice Waring (centre) is presented her $15,000 cheque by representatives from The Co-Operators, Cathy Pedro, an account manager in Group Sales (right) and Gillian Byrne, Group Sales and Business Development

LHSC congratulates an “Outstanding Nurse”

Extraordinary People March 16 , 2012 RN Jill Bischop, right, is being recognized as an outstanding nurse by the Grand Theatre’s Outstanding Nurse Recognition Program. Linda Bourdeau (left) is one of the nurses who nominated Bischop for the award

March is Liver Health Month

March 30, 2012 What is the main cause of liver disease? You may think the correct answer is alcohol, but this is not the case. The liver is the largest internal and most metabolically complex organ in humans. This organ performs over 500 different

LHSC celebrates Pharmacist Awareness Week

Extraordinary People March 8 , 2012 Pharmacists and Registered Pharmacy Technicians working to fill orders in the new clinical pharmacy located in the North Tower at LHSC's Victoria Hospital. As a leader in hospital pharmacy practice, LHSC is proud

Nurse Practitioner: Regular Full-Time

Emergency Services The Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a self-directed advanced practice nurse prepared at the graduate and post-graduate level, who functions in an expanded nursing role in a collaborative practice model. The NP demonstrates a