A letter to the community

VH exterior building

August 9, 2022

Today is day 881 of the COVID-19 pandemic. We have been here for you since the beginning – vaccinating Londoners, treating those infected with the disease, and sharing information on the evolving situation. And throughout that time we have continued to care for patients requiring treatment for conditions other than COVID-19. It has taken a toll on us, which has been, in some part, reflected in sickness, retirements and resignations. We are not alone in experiencing this; it is a reality shared across the health sector.

This is why we are working hard to bolster our ranks in all areas of the organization. In addition to the leadership roles you may have read of, we have welcomed 436 new members of Team LHSC in the past year. We are particularly honoured to have welcomed internationally trained nurses who have come from outside Canada to join us in caring for you. In addition, we continue to recruit people and work with our peer organizations and the Ontario government to find ways to address Ontario’s health human resources pressures.

The pandemic has taught us all that we must find new and innovative ways to deliver the care you need and to ensure the sustainability of our publicly funded health care system so that it is there for you now and for years to come. The leadership recruitments we’ve made reflect that. We have secured very talented people who will help us navigate successfully through this challenging time and build back better. The appointment and onboarding of candidates is currently underway and includes those who have led in executive positions at LHSC for a number of years, as well as five new members. You can read more about the leadership recruitments here.

You have placed your trust in us over the years. We continue to work hard to deserve that trust.

Thank you.