Celebrating Doctors’ Day at LHSC

Dr. Karim Qumosani stands in his office among photos of family, team members, and patients.

May 1, 2024

Today, LHSC joins the Ontario Medical Association (OMA) and hospitals across the province in recognizing Doctors’ Day. This day serves as an opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the extraordinary contributions of more than 1,300 physicians who provide quality patient-centred care in a variety of programs and services across the region.

Why it matters 

“Each day, LHSC physicians demonstrate their expertise and experience in clinical care, teaching, and academic research,” said Dr. Alex Barron, LHSC’s Medical Advisory Committee Chair and Director, Quality of Medical Care. “It is with immense gratitude for LHSC physicians’ dedication and commitment to delivering high-quality care that we celebrate them on Doctors’ Day.”

Dr. George Dresser, LHSC’s Interim Corporate Medical Executive, feels that one day of recognition is hardly enough to celebrate the extraordinary efforts of LHSC doctors. “We could celebrate Doctors’ Day every day because of the incredible difference they make in the lives of the patients we serve. These individuals work tirelessly to deliver care, advance research, and provide education that positions LHSC as one of the top academic hospitals in the country. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all that you do.”

LHSC is grateful to the physicians who practice, study and research at our hospitals. This Doctors’ Day, we thank them and recognize their incredible contributions to advancing excellence in research, innovation, and education, while delivering world class care experiences.  

Celebrating our doctors 

Dr. Karim Qumosani, a Gastroenterologist and liver transplant Hepatologist at LHSC’s University Hospital, is one of the many LHSC physicians being celebrated during Doctors' Day. As a member of the Canadian Network for Autoimmune Liver Disease, his research is contributing to the creation of a national database that will allow physicians to compare data and better understand how to treat patients with immune-mediated liver diseases.

While growing up in Saudi Arabia, Dr. Qumosani always envisioned himself working as a pilot for a major airline. Now, he is glad that he did not follow that career path.  “My colleagues here tell me that my passion for medicine is visible to patients and the team I work with, so I am glad that I did not follow that career path,” he said. “After 12 years, I still wake up happy in the morning that I’m coming to the hospital and doing this job.”

Dr. Qumosani’s eyes light up when asked about the patients in his care. “For patients who are receiving a liver transplant, it is not a one-time visit - it is a journey. When I help patients through this journey and I get to see the positive impact I have on their health outcome, it gives me an indescribable feeling.”

At a recent fundraising event hosted by London Health Sciences Foundation, Dr. Qumosani was touched by the gratitude shown by patients of the LHSC Multi-Organ Transplant Program. “One of the transplant patients who spoke said that the LHSC Transplant Program is a top-notch, unique work of art,” he said proudly. “It just shows how appreciative they are of the work we do. When they show their gratitude to me and give positive feedback to the team, it’s enough to put tears in your eyes.”

Dr. Qumosani’s advice for young physicians is to “try and make a difference in the lives of your patients and your colleagues, but also in your own life. There's no denying that becoming a doctor takes a lot of work, but when you follow this profession with a passion to make a difference, you will excel.”

Show your support 

This year, the OMA is inviting all Ontarians to show their appreciation and support for the impact that doctors have had on their lives. Visit the OMA’s Doctors Day website and write a message to thank Ontario doctors.