LHSC named a Centre of Excellence with the addition of an innovative women’s healthcare ultrasound fleet

LHSC Sonographer Natasha Quin performing an ultrasound scan with the Voluson™ Expert 22 ultrasound machine

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) has taken a major step forward in advanced imaging and obstetrical patient care with the acquisition of 12 new innovative ultrasound units. This advanced technology will help to better treat patients with high-risk pregnancies by uncovering critical answers earlier, allowing for faster assessments and diagnosis. 

“This is a significant advancement for Women’s Care at LHSC, which as a program delivers over six-thousand births a year and sees a large number of patients across our region with complex pregnancies,” says Dr. Tracey Crumley, Chair/Chief of Obstetrics and Gynecology at LHSC. “This investment in infrastructure places LHSC as one of only four hospitals in the province with this type of advanced ultrasound capability, bringing remarkable obstetrical imaging closer to home.”   
The Voluson™ Expert 22 ultrasound machines are powered by advanced AI technology, that will generate clear, accurate images and will assist with diagnostics early in pregnancy.  The machines have 3D and 4D capabilities, and advanced AI tools that can automatically identify fetal anatomy, support efficient fetal measurements, and increase exam speed.   

4D maternal ultrasound picture from the Voluson™ Expert 22 ultrasound machine

“For patients with high-risk pregnancies, the new machines will allow for earlier and more accurate assessments of fetal development, growth and the wellbeing of both the fetus and the pregnant person,” says Dr. Rob Gratton, Divisional Lead of Maternal Fetal Medicine and Co-Lead of Obstetrical Ultrasound at LHSC. “The probe design and the sensitivity of the technology will also mean that sonographers have to apply less pressure to obtain clear and accurate diagnostic images, leading to a more comfortable patient experience.”

The acquisition of the 12 units means that LHSC has been named a Maternal Fetal Medicine Centre of Excellence.

“Ten of these new ultrasound machines are being used clinically and the remaining two will be dedicated to advancements in research,” says Dr. Narinder Paul, City Wide Chair/Chief Department of Medical Imaging. "This collaboration with GE HealthCare combines expertise in clinical care, research, training, and education at LHSC with innovative ultrasound technology to enhance maternal fetal ultrasound for patients, their family and for staff."   

The Voluson™ Expert 22 represents a major step forward in ultrasound innovation from GE HealthCare, a leader in Women’s Health ultrasound.

4D maternal ultrasound picture from the Voluson™ Expert 22 ultrasound machine“GE HealthCare is proud of our work with London Health Sciences Centre as they continue to raise the bar on serving the greater London community with innovative care,” said Mike Hamilton, president of GE HealthCare, Canada. “The new Voluson™ 22 systems at LHSC’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Centre of Excellence are the latest premium ultrasound in GE HealthCare’s women’s health portfolio. These systems will help to achieve high resolution, more detailed images, and exam consistency, and an innovative user experience for clinicians that can lead to remarkable care for patients.”    
The new units will enhance the user experience by expediting the time required to complete an ultrasound which will help improve patient flow. This advanced technology will also serve as an education and training tool for staff that will have the opportunity to train on the new AI tools and capabilities, helping to improve the delivery of care and efficiency of ultrasound exams.    

The addition of these remarkable new ultrasound machines was made possible as a result of $1.3 million in donations through London Health Sciences Foundation (LHSF). Please visit LHSF’s website for continued support of this project.

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