LHSC transitions to ENFit feeding products

Image of ENFit Feeding Products

January 19, 2023

Beginning on January 24, LHSC will be transitioning all patient populations to ENFit feeding products.

What is ENFit?

ENFit is a worldwide patient-safety change which will prevent medication, tube-fed formula or fluids from being given to the wrong part of the body. The ENFit connection was designed so that only tube feeding supplies can connect to feeding tubes. Previous tube feeding connectors could accidently be connected to non-feeding tubes such as breathing tubes, IV lines (into the blood) or catheters, which can cause harm. Using ENFit tubes and supplies will make sure that you or your child’s medications, tube feed formula and fluids are safely given through the feeding tube. 

Who is making this change?

Both LHSC and St. Joseph’s Health Care will be transitioning to ENFit products at this time, as are other hospitals across the province. Home and Community Care Support Services and specialty pharmacies in the region have also been engaged to ensure continuity as patients transition between various hospitals and community agencies. 

Patients with non-ENFit tubes will be advised to change to ENFit tubes when it is clinically appropriate to do so. Through this transition period, participating organizations will have the equipment and transition adapters for either ENFit or legacy (non-ENFit) tubes.

How will this impact me or my child?

ENFit uses a twist-in connection that has locking threads for a secure fit. This prevents leaking and stops tubing from accidently coming apart while feeding, however will be a change for those used to securing their own or a loved one’s tube connectors.

ENFit connections need to be cleaned regularly because medications or tube feed formula can build-up in the connection. Additional information on the cleaning process can be found through the following links: Cleaning - All Tubes or Cleaning - Extension Sets, or ask your care provider for instructions 

If you or your child are going home with a new feeding tube, your dietitian and homecare supports will help to set up the supplies that you will need at home. 

If you had a previous non-ENFit tube that has been changed to an ENFit tube, you can get new ENFit supplies from the same home healthcare or medical supply store that you purchased your old supplies from. 

Where can I get more information?

Connect with your care team to discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. You can also learn more through the ENFit website.

Image of ENFit Feeding Products
Image: ENFit Feeding Products
Image of ENFit Feeding Products
Image of ENFit Feeding Products