London Health Sciences Centre and London Cares partner to provide housing and support for people experiencing homelessness

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October 11, 2023

Joint project supports Health & Homelessness Whole of Community System Response led by the City of London

In response to the growing homelessness crisis in our community, London is taking action through the Health & Homelessness Whole of Community System Response. This approach, involving experts from various sectors, supports marginalized Londoners experiencing homelessness, enhances wellbeing, and eases strain on our health care system.

As part of this effort, London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) and London Cares Homeless Response Services (London Cares) are partnering to establish 25 supportive housing units starting this month. Using existing fully furnished apartments at 362 Dundas Street, our organizations will offer comprehensive 24/7 health and social support services to residents. These spaces, which are a separate initiative from Hubs, will assist those with complex health needs, including discharged hospital patients at risk of readmission due to experiencing chronic and persistent homelessness. This project not only improves health outcomes for vulnerable residents but also reduces the demand for hospital resources. 

“At LHSC, we know that housing is health care, and we are committed to working with our system partners to redesign care and better address the needs of all Londoners, especially those community members who are marginalized and have difficulty accessing stable health and housing resources,” said Sandra Smith, Capacity Management Executive, LHSC. “When patients leave our hospitals, they should have a safe place to go. Implementing these supportive housing units in partnership with London Cares will help ensure more people have a roof over their head while they continue to heal and rebuild their lives.”  

Supported by Home and Community Care Support Services, London InterCommunity Health Centre, and H.O.M.E program collaborators, this initiative leverages collective knowledge to provide tailored care, ensuring individuals remain housed and supported. The Sisters of St. Joseph, who run St. Joe's Café, are extending their support and partnership to ensure residents receive at least one hot meal per day, and Voyago Health, is generously offering complimentary transportation services to the building once residents are ready to move in.  

"Our collaboration with LHSC and our community partners marks a significant step forward in our dedication to improving the well-being of our entire community," said Anne Armstrong, Executive Director, London Cares. "By integrating our expertise, resources, and shared passion for helping others, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of people who have experienced chronic homelessness on our streets by providing them with the sustained support and housing they need to recover and move toward a brighter future.”

The safe and supportive housing units will be fully furnished and facilitate on-site access to health and social services such as mental health care, addiction treatment, educational resources, and food insecurity assistance.  

“The collaborative efforts of LHSC, London Cares and other community organizations, exemplify the power of partnership and a shared commitment to tackling homelessness, improving health outcomes, and creating a safer and more caring community for all,” said Brad Campbell, Corporate Hospital Administrative Executive, LHSC. “Through the priorities outlined in our Strategic Plan, LHSC is committed to partnering in new ways to deliver care that will meet the diverse needs of the community while also providing access to critical health resources.”

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