New patient experience survey at LHSC: a small change with big impact

MRT technician speaking with patient

October 25, 2023

This year’s Canadian Patient Safety Week is themed ‘Small Changes. Big Impact. Safer Care.’ At London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) a small change that will have impact on guiding improvements in patient care is the new patient experience survey. The new survey is open to all patients who receive care at LHSC.  

Officially launched on Wednesday, September 27, the survey has already received over 6,000 responses. Any patient who has provided their email will be sent an email link two days after their appointment or discharge.  

“Taking a few minutes to fill out the survey can have a big impact on the care provided,” says Karen Connors, Director, Patient Experience. “The voice of the patient shared through the surveys lets us know what is working well and helps identify areas where we can improve.”

Patient Experience survey results are an important tool in helping ensure our programs and services are meeting the needs of patients. LHSC team members use the results from the Patient Experience surveys to focus on quality improvement projects.  

“Whether you are coming in for a scheduled appointment or are seen in the Emergency Department we want to know about your experience,” says Connors.  

If you are visiting the hospital over the next few months, you may see posters promoting the survey. To participate, please provide your email address upon registration.  

If you do not wish to receive an email, please contact the LHSC Privacy Office.