Nourishing spirits: Elizabeth Lush's 50 years of patient service dedication at LHSC

Elizabeth Lush, Dietary Worker at Victoria Hospital.

At London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC), a quiet force has shaped the patient experience for half a century. Meet Elizabeth Lush, Dietary Worker at Victoria Hospital and the heart and soul of LHSC's food production center, a dedicated individual who embarked on this journey on October 2, 1973, driven by a profound connection to this place.

"My father, a veteran of the Second World War, was a patient when this institution was known as the Veterans Hospital. I witnessed the impact of compassionate care, which motivated me," she explains. Westminster Hospital, where veterans were provided care, joined Victoria Hospital in 1977.

Liz's (as her friends call her) role isn't just about preparing meals; it's about nourishing spirits. "Sometimes, a few minutes of your time can make a patient's day. I've always been a giving person," she says, demonstrating the high spirit of altruism that has kept her here for decades.

Reflecting on the journey, challenges are met with a resilient spirit. "Always be the solution, not the problem. It is quite satisfying to make a difference every day," she says proudly. "I can go home knowing I did a great job."

After fifty years at LHSC, Liz is clear about the advice she wants to convey to all who begin their journey in this organization. It’s simple but profound: "Don't take things for granted. Take pride in your actions, be responsible, and cherish the opportunity."

The LHSC's Services Award, held on November 21, paid tribute to Elizabeth for her 50 years of service, an incredible milestone that reminds us that consistency, compassion, and commitment can create a legacy that spans generations.