Recognizing our Audiology team during Speech and Hearing Month


May 18, 2022

At LHSC, a number of our teams are involved in supporting various aspects of communication health, including our Audiology team. With May being Speech and Hearing Month, which aims to raise broad awareness about communication health, we want to take the opportunity to recognize and thank the members of our Audiology team for all that they do to improve auditory and vestibular function for our patients.

What makes Audiology important:
Audiologists are regulated health-care professionals who identify, assess and manage disorders of hearing, balance and other neural systems. At LHSC, our 11 audiologists specialize in the diagnostic, rehabilitative treatment and monitoring of individuals with impairment of auditory (hearing) and vestibular (processing) function. With a strong commitment to integrated, comprehensive health care, the team serves as valued consultants to physicians and other health-care professionals, both within the hospital and throughout the community, and works particularly closely with our adult and paediatric Otolaryngology, Neuro-Otology, Head and Neck Surgery, Oncology, and Cochlear Implant programs. Leveraging the most current technology in specially designed sound treated rooms, the team also oversees the prescription and assessment of various amplification devices.  

Additionally, to fulfill its commitment to our academic mission, the team supervises audiology students from Masters and Doctorate Level Graduate Programs for the completion of their practicum requirements. Our audiologists also participate in numerous research projects collaborating with physicians and scientists both from within LHSC and outside of the LHSC; providing hearing health care based on evidenced-based practices.

Members of our Audiology team at UH (at the top of the page) and Members of our Audiology and SLP teams at VH