Working at LHSC: Pharmacists supporting care of patients at London Health Sciences Centre

Picture of pharmacist in clinical setting

By Michael Juba, LHSC pharmacist supporting the Emergency Department

Pharmacists at LHSC

Pharmacists at London Health Sciences Centre provide specialized care to patients in several different ways including inpatient care, retail pharmacy and outpatient care, such as that provided in the Emergency Department. They help ensure appropriate dosage of medications and prevent medication interactions.  

Personal path to pharmacy

I come from a family of lawyers, which made for some lively dinner conversations, however it also meant that my path to becoming a pharmacist wasn’t self-evident. I studied biopharmaceutical sciences for my undergraduate degree, which made pharmacy a natural fit. Partway through my undergraduate degree, my dad lost his battle with cancer. His experiences and the excellent health care he received at LHSC drove me to seek out a career in health care and to work towards one.

I graduated in 2013 from the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Toronto. In my final year of the program, I had placements with both the Intensive Care and Internal Medicine units at LHSC’s University Hospital. My experiences here, and the excellent mentorship I received reaffirmed my goal of working for LHSC.

My career started here in October 2013, and I have been with the organization ever since. LHSC is a large organization with a wide array of inpatient care areas, and I have had the opportunity to build my skills in many clinical areas. I have worked with the:

  • Multi-Organ Transplant Program,
  • Neurology Department,  
  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Program,
  • Infectious Disease team,
  • Anticoagulation Clinic, and  
  • Emergency Department, where I am currently working.

I also recently took on additional responsibilities as a pharmacy specialist, where I will help with the placement and organization of pharmacy students and the professional development of pharmacists at LHSC.

Pharmacist in the Emergency Department

Pharmacist discusses medications with Emergency Room nurses
Photo: Pharmacist Michael Juba (center) discusses medications with Emergency Department team members.

My role as a pharmacist in the Emergency Department (ED) is a new role created in early 2023.  

My current work includes helping with resuscitations and traumas that come into the ED, which is a fast-paced environment. In these situations, you have to be adaptable and come up with practical solutions to problems quickly. This is unlike any other area I have worked in at the hospital. Generally, I am used to having more time to come up with the perfect answer to drug-related questions. This fast pace is challenging and exciting and I am enjoying being part of the ED team. I love that I can help make an impact on the department, both by helping improve patient care with medication recommendations and by working to improve workflow in the department.

For the love of pharmacy

The Pharmacy Department at LHSC is excellent; the people I work with care deeply about our patients and strive for excellence each and every day. As a department, we are always seeking out new and innovative ways to expand our role and improve the services we can offer to patients. For example, we recently upgraded our medication packaging robot in the department to improve the speed and accuracy of medication dispensing and delivery.


This drive for innovation is exciting and compelling.  

There is a real sense of optimism in the department and there is an opportunity to make meaningful changes which I hope to champion. What I love most about the department are my coworkers: the relationships I have built here across teams are what really drive me.

I am extremely honoured that I have the opportunity to work with both the pharmacy and ED teams to support our patients. It’s comforting to know I’m now part of two great teams providing great care to patients.  

Are you interested in growing your career at LHSC? Check out current opportunities online or connect with the Recruitment Team to learn more.