Art Therapy


Art Therapy is offered to haematology/oncology, paediatric medical day and paediatric ambulatory care patients


Telephone: 519-685-8500, Ext 52877


Our Program

Self-expression is important in dealing with any major illness, especially a life-threatening disease like cancer. Art gives children and adolescents the opportunity to express powerful emotions. Children can often say more in pictures than they are able to put into words. The process of making art helps children talk about their feelings.


At Children’s Hospital, Art Therapy is an important therapeutic approach in helping children deal with life-threatening conditions. Our program helps children express themselves, which helps make their time in the hospital tolerable, lowers their anxiety and helps give them a sense of control during a difficult and uncertain time.

Our Team

Veronica Sweet, Art Therapist
Todd Wharton, Art Therapist

Gill Yealland, Art Therapist

What To Expect

Your child will be given simple art materials such as paint, clay and crayons to create their very own pieces of art. The Art Therapy may take place in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis.

Here’s more information on what the process might look like:

Stage One: Creative art activity

Children are given time to work with the art materials and create their art.

They become absorbed in the activity and think about their feelings.

Stage Two: Discussion with the Art Therapist

The art therapist may ask your child how the artwork makes them feel, how it reflects their feelings or ask them to tell a story about their work.

This second stage is designed to explore the image and help the child make connections to their particular issue. Each session is a confidential record documenting patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviour.

Links and Resources

Ontario Art Therapy Association is the professional association for art therapists in Ontario.