Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are there any funds to cover the increased recruitment costs for Hub organizations?

    No. At this time there are no funds specifically available for increased recruitment costs (e.g. job fairs, advertisements). However, as the program administrators, LHSC is prepared to provide ongoing support to assist organizations in setting up partnerships..

  2. What kind of remote communities are you talking about? Are they remote Nursing Stations or are they hospitals?

    The program currently supports northern, rural and community hospitals that have forecasted nursing shortages. As the program expands we will look at networking with other health care sectors such as long term care facilities.

  3. When will the program be available to Satellites that are in need? We seem to have the greatest need during the summer?

    London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is a Hub organization. It is LHSCs goal to have additional “Hub” organizations join the ONWA project and be available to partner with “Satellite“ Organizations so that nurses will be trained and ready for the high need time periods.

  4. Have you already identified satellites that are in need?

    We have been communicating with 3 Satellite Organizations and are in the process of developing formal agreements.

  5. What are the next steps if we are interested in joining ONWA?

    Betty Malloy-Nantais, ONWA Program Facilitator, LHSC
    Phone – 519 685 8500 Ex 77042

    We will discuss your needs and expectations of the ONWA program. The LHSC team will work with both Hub and Satellite Organizations to formalize agreements.

  6. What is the typical timeline between starting the process and sending RNs to Satellite hospitals?

    Nursing recruitment will be initiated as soon as a partner relationship is formed and the agreement signed. If a new graduate is recruited, 3-4 months will be needed to orient and prepare the nurse for the Satellite organization. This time will be shorter if the recruited nurse is already an employee of the Hub Organization.

  7. Hub vs. Satellite – How is it determined what part is played?

    The LHSC team will work with you to identify your needs and expectations and identify your role in the ONWA program. Typically, hub organizations are generally large academic centres that have the capacity to recruit additional staff to their organizations, while satellite organizations are rural and /or remote organizations that experience recruitment difficulties.

  8. Training of Hub nurse – Is there an orientation package regarding skills?

    We have developed an orientation template that we will share with ONWA participants. The orientation focuses on developing the nurse as a generalist along with developing his/her ability to be a self-directed learner and adaptable. It is also important to work collaboratively with the Satellite organization to tailor the orientation to best meet their specific needs.

  9. Union issues

    The central ONA bargaining unit has been engaged in the development of this program since the initiation of this program in 2010.

    There is language in the current ONA agreement that covers Leave of absence. The agreement between the Hub and Satellite organization will fall with in the current agreement.

  10. RPN have not been mentioned as a part of the ONWA program. Why have they been excluded?

    The ONWA program started as a pilot initiative with RNs. LHSC is currently exploring options for program expansion to include RPNs. We would like to receive your feedback moving forward.

  11. Is there a cost to implementation for the Hub organization? Is there additional funding available to Hub Organizations?

    There are no additional costs over and above the usual recruitment process. LHSC will work with organizations to formalize the respective agreements. The ONWA nurse remains an employee of the Hub Organization and can provide service at the Hub Organization once the original placement is completed. There are no additional funds available for Hub Organizations at this time. The opportunity to maximize the use of NGG funds will provide a financial benefit to the Hub Organization.

  12. Housing will be a challenge for our organization. Is there support for this?

    Not at this time. We encourage you to collaborate with your community partners to develop strategies to overcome this challenge.

  13. Can you please explain your workforce planning tool and its variance?

    LHSC is currently developing a health human resources workforce planning tool. We will provide more information to program participants when it is available.