Student and Volunteer Opportunities

Student Opportunities 

The Child Life Team accepts affiliated students from accredited universities (McMaster University), as well as unaffiliated independent students for an internship. 

Application Process

We follow the same application and decision deadlines as the ACLP for both affiliated and unaffiliated students seeking a child life internship.
ALCP Internship Information website

Affiliated Process

LHSC child life team will communicate with McMaster University each semester to offer internships. Interested students should apply for an internship through the Internship Coordinator for the McMaster Child Life MSc Program. 

Unaffiliated Process
Interested students should email Heather and Melanie (contact information below) with their resumes attached prior to the ACLP application deadline. Students should indicate what internship semester they are applying for as well as their interest in being placed on a waiting list. *Please note that unaffiliated internships are not offered on a regular basis.

Contact Information

Child Life Student/ Internship Lead

Heather Hardy

Child Life Student/ Internship Lead

Melanie Goodger

Volunteering with Child Life 

Please note that due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, volunteer programs have been placed on hold. While there is a gradual return to services, only current volunteers are being placed at LHSC. 

The Child Life Team offers a number of volunteer positions throughout the hospital. Some possible areas of care include the pediatric inpatient unit and pediatric day surgery. Applications are sent to Volunteer Services at LHSC. More information can be found at the Volunteer Services website.