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LHSC Dietetic Internship Program:

London Health Sciences Centre offers a comprehensive graduate Dietetic Internship Program is accredited under the Partnership for Dietetic Education and Practice (PDEP) and prepares students for eligibility for registration with a provincial dietetics regulatory body.

See our Dietetic Internship Program brochure.

“I didn’t realize how much clinical and hospital experience I would be getting and also how many opportunities I would have to interact with other team members. The preceptors were very supportive of learning and helping interns meet their personal objectives. I feel like I can always come back to my preceptors for advice or future networking.”
Program Graduate


The dietetic internship program follows the London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) academic mission to be “an inspiring and leading academic community”:

  • Driven to achieve excellence in patient care/service & safety
  • Dedicated to improving the patient and family experience
  • Transformed by discovery and innovation
  • Committed to collaborative partnerships

Clinical Nutrition at London Health Sciences Centre is committed to the provision of optimal nutrition care for our patients, their families and the community. It encourages the highest standards of clinical practice, education and research for the advancement of dietetic practice in the patient and family centered model of care.



The Dietetic Internship Program aligns with the LHSC corporate vision.
Exceptional Experiences, Extraordinary People, Engaging Partnerships
An inspiring and leading academic community:

  • Driven to achieve excellence in patient care/service & safety
  • Dedicated to improving the patient and family experience
  • Transformed by discovery and innovation
  • Committed to collaborative partnership



  • Using the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP) the goals of the program are to:
  • To provide a high quality accredited dietetic internship program.
    • To provide the dietetic intern with a rich learning environment, learning opportunities, guidance and feedback to:
    • Acquire necessary dietetic practice skills and knowledge across the spectrum of clinical, community and management practice
    • Develop communication and counselling skills
    • Enhance professional and interpersonal skills
    • Advance and apply self-directed learning skills
    • Develop skills in advocacy and leadership to support professional practice
    • Continue professional development through specialization, research activities and reflective practice.
  • Meet or exceed entry-level practice competencies for practicum experience in preparation for the Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE).  Graduates can apply to be a Registered Dietitian.



The objectives of the LHSC Dietetic Internship Program are:

  1. To ensure that each intern acquires the necessary knowledge and skills, each intern will be encouraged to take a participative role in all areas of the department and will be required to complete all rotations successfully.
  2. To enhance the development of effective oral and written communication skills, LHSC will provide opportunities to present education sessions and presentations to team members and to patients and their families where appropriate. Interns will be provided with an opportunity to integrate technology into practice.
  3. To enhance the development of interpersonal skills, LHSC will provide opportunities for the interns to interact with health care providers / allied health team and community partners, food service staff, patients and their family members.
  4. To encourage self-direction in learning, the interns are required to develop their personal objectives for each rotation, work towards fulfilling them and evaluate their success in meeting their objectives based on self-reflection and feedback throughout their placement.
  5. To develop organizational and leadership skills, the interns will be given an opportunity to provide supervised practice in community, clinical areas and food service and complete pertinent projects in clinical and food service areas.
  6. To enhance professional development through specialization and research activities, the interns will be required to:
  • Attend LHSC Dietetic Internship Meetings
  • Attend relevant education programs;
  • Complete a research project and case study and present the findings

Dietetic interns will access educational opportunities available within LHSC and at affiliating institutions. It is the responsibility of the preceptors and Coordinator to provide each intern with opportunities aligned with the Integrated Competencies for Dietetic Education and Practice (ICDEP) and to ensure that high levels of professionalism are evident.

“The internship journey is very challenging time for dietetic, personal and professional growth but it is rewarding to see how much you can learn and grow in 10 months. The genuine support from your preceptors and positive encouragement from your intern class makes the learning process easier! I left LHSC with a passion for critical thinking and interest for continued learning and skill development”.
Program Graduate