Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit (EPAU)

The EPAU welcomes referrals from family doctors, midwives and from ER physicians for women in their first trimester of pregnancy who are at risk of or have been diagnosed with a miscarriage and require additional follow up. When a pregnancy is confirmed as non-viable, options are discussed, including: expectant management, administration of misoprostol or dilatation and curettage. This Clinic is offered every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


Victoria Hospital, 800 Commissioners Rd. E., PO Box 5010 London, Ontario, Canada N6A 5W9 Telephone: 519 685 8500 x32256

Fax: 519 663 3162

Necessary Information for application

Blue Card Stamp/Name, DOB, Address, Telelphone No, OHIP, Referring Physician, Billing Number. GPTAL results, LMP history, Quantitative Beta results, ABO Rh Result, PoCUS Finding history.

Possible Reasons for referral

- Less than 12 weeks pregnant

- NDIUP – Pregnancy of Undetermined Location – Stable

- IUP – with 
• FHR - Less than 100
• Symptoms
• Patient Concern
• Ongoing Bleed
• Hx Pregnancy Loss
• Risk for heterotopic
• Follow-up access concerns

EPAU does not see the following patients:

Beyond 12 weeks gestation - coordinate with Gynecology on call

  • Termination requests
  • Hyperemesis
  • Other medical problems in early pregnancy

Patient Directions 

Please report directly to Registration at London Health Sciences Centre, Victoria Hospital, Zone E, 
Level 3, Room 619, Building 12, 
Door 3 (Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit).
Parking – Enter from Baseline Road, turn left at stop sign and proceed to Visitor Parking Lot 7. 
Building 12 – Zone E is across the road from Visitor Parking Lot 7