Our Team

Clinical Lead

Adrian Budhram, MD FRCPC 

Dr. Budhram obtained his medical degree from McMaster University, followed by residency training in Neurology at Western University. He then went on to complete fellowship training in Autoimmune Neurology at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he gained expertise in both the laboratory diagnosis and clinical management of patients with autoimmune neurological diseases. His primary interests include evaluating diagnostic performance of neural antibody testing to ensure accurate patient diagnosis. As Clinical Lead, Dr. Budhram oversees test interpretation and reporting in collaboration with the Laboratory Leads, and is available to any clinician who would like help placing a test result from LHSC Neuroimmunology and Neurodiagnostics in the context of their patient.

Laboratory Leads 

Dr. Michael Knauer, PhD FCACB

Dr. Knauer is the Division Head of Specialty Biochemistry and an Assistant Professor at Western University.

Liju Yang, MD PhD FCACB

Dr. Yang is the Section Head of the Clinical Immunology laboratory and an Assistant Professor at Western University. She received her MD from Shandong University School of Medicine in China and her PhD in Cell Biology and Immunology from Manchester University in England. She completed her postdoctoral fellowship training in Clinical Chemistry at McMaster University in Canada. In collaboration with Dr. Budhram, Dr. Yang oversees Neuroimmunology testing at LHSC.

Angela Rutledge, PhD FCACB

Dr. Rutledge is the Section Head of the Endocrinology laboratory and an Associate Professor at Western University. She also oversees protein electrophoresis and many immunoassays in the core laboratories, including cerebrospinal fluid testing for Alzheimer’s Disease biomarkers in collaboration with Dr. Budhram.

Villy Choperena

Villy Choperena is the Manager of Specialty Biochemistry.