Tracers during Accreditation

January 27, 2023 An on-site Accreditation Canada survey at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) will take place in February 2023. In preparation for the on-site survey, the LHSC Accreditation Team is running tracers to help staff and physicians

LHSC transitions to ENFit feeding products

January 19, 2023 Beginning on January 24, LHSC will be transitioning all patient populations to ENFit feeding products. What is ENFit? ENFit is a worldwide patient-safety change which will prevent medication, tube-fed formula or fluids from being

A holiday tradition returns!

This year we are very excited to return to our tradition of gifting hand-knitted hats to babies born over the Christmas season. These special keepsakes are donated by our talented volunteers every year, and are something parents can keep to remember