What to Expect

Once referred to our clinic, patients may receive a telephone call to obtain additional relevant information and background. In some cases, additional information may be requested to help the team prepare for your visit. This might involve requesting previous assessments that have been completed and are related to the pain problem (locally, and from other hospitals or clinics). We may also send questionnaires for the child/adolescent and his/her family to complete and send back prior to the visit.

Most children/adolescents will then receive an appointment to meet with the team in the Paediatric Pain Clinic. Initial assessments are typically scheduled on a Friday.

Follow-up may include:

  • Providing consultation and recommendations back to the team of professionals that are already involved (and are sometimes closer to home)
  • Seeing members of our clinical team for treatment
  • Helping you find appropriate treatment resources in your community
  • Seeing you again in our clinic