What to Expect


Go to Zone B, Level 1, then follow the signs to the PMDU. When registering, you need to show your child’s health card. Once registered, you are asked to stay in the waiting room until a health care provider comes to get you.

What to bring

Remember to bring the following with you:

  • Your child’s health card

Note: Meals are provided for your child if he/she is spending the day in the PMDU for care and treatment. If you wish to purchase food, there are food vendors located close to the PMDU.

  • List of your child's current medications
  • Favourite blanket, stuffed toy or other object that may offer to comfort to your child
  • Cash for parking
  • Food
  • Diapers and any other personal care items

Toys and activities

The PMDU provides an excellent variety of toys and activities for you to enjoy while being cared for in the PMDU. If your child has a favourite activity or stuffed toy from home, it might be helpful to bring this item along with you. This can often help your child feel more comfortable during this new experience.

Make the experience less stressful

A visit to the hospital or the experience of a test/procedure can be very stressful. PMDU has a number of trained professionals, such as Child Life Specialists , Art Therapists, and a Therapeutic Clown who specialize in working with children and youth to empower them and make the experience less traumatic.