Quality of Life and Advanced (QoLA) Care Team

Our Program:

Quality of Life and Advanced Care Team is a quality of life service to support all ages of children with serious, life-limiting illness and their families. We also provide support to the expectant mother whose baby’s life is projected to be brief. During the perinatal period, we work with the mother’s obstetrical and neonatal teams to optimize the quality of life for the baby during labour, delivery and birth, no matter life expectancy.

We follow children for weeks, months and years. Our philosophy of care is about listening, advocating, supporting, caring and remembering. We assess and visit children during their inpatient hospital stays, in the Pediatric Medical Day Unit (PMDU), at home and at school. PSMSC is a specialized consult service that works with you, your child’s pediatrician and primary hospital team to support:

  • Pain and symptom management
  • Sensitive and difficult conversations about the best approach and goals of care for your child
  • Complex decision-making
  • Written Advance Directives that support goals of care and parental decision-making
  • Psychosocial support and written resources for patients, siblings and parents
  • Transitions to community when a supportive careplan is in place and the child/family wishes to have the child remain at home for care, including end of life care
  • Creation of memories and legacy
  • Bereavement care

How to Refer:

1.  Written referral by the child’s primary pediatrician, family physician, nurse practitioner or subspecialist. Please include the child’s OHIP number, primary diagnosis, relevant medical information, reason for referral, urgency of referral and parental daytime contact information.

2.  Parents may self -refer through the contact numbers above.