Adult Emergency Department Wait Times

Adult Emergency Department Entrance

Adult Emergency Department Wait Times

Below are wait times for University Hospital (UH) and Victoria Hospital (VH) Emergency Departments (ED).

The wait times listed below are an estimate and are subject to change. The times may not reflect the actual wait time once you arrive at the Emergency Department. Upon arrival, patients are prioritized based on severity of illness and injury. Critically ill patients are assessed and treated first. The wait times provided reflect the time patients may have to wait to see a physician for non-urgent and non-emergent concerns.

University Hospital Emergency Department

Current wait time:

7.75 Hours

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Last updated: 8:30 pm

Victoria Hospital Emergency Department

Current wait time:

9.75 Hours

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Last updated: 8:30 pm

Children's Hospital Emergency Department

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Non-Emergency Medical Assistance Options:

First call your family doctor, nurse practitioner or their on-call service. If not available, consider visiting a walk-in or urgent care clinic.

Please note that the Urgent Care Centre may also be experiencing high patient volumes, but remains the appropriate level of care for many non-emergency concerns.

For health-related advice from a Registered Nurse available 24/7 call Health 811 (formerly TeleHealth Ontario) at 1-866-797-0000.

Virtual Urgent Care options are available for both adult and paediatric patients.

Free Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) are available at grocery stores and pharmacies throughout Ontario. COVID-19 PCR testing continues to be available by appointment for eligible individuals. COVID-19 antiviral treatments are available in the community for free by prescription to those with COVID-19 who are at a higher risk of severe illness and hospitalization due to COVID-19.

For serious medical injuries and conditions do NOT delay seeking care.

Call 911 or go to the Emergency Department.

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London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) Emergency Department wait times displayed on this website are based on an estimation provided by our health information system. These wait times are intended to be used for general information only and does not constitute medical advice.

Please be advised that due to changing circumstance and patient care requirements, the wait times can change significantly and immediately, without warning, and therefore are not guaranteed. Upon arrival, patients will be prioritized based on the severity of their illness or injuries, with critically ill or injured patients assessed and treated in priority sequence. Due to changing demands in Emergency Departments, these wait times may not be the time you will need to wait once you arrive at the Emergency Department. This means that your own wait time may be more or less than the time displayed on this website. The provision of the wait times on this website are not medical advice or a recommendation of one Emergency Department over another.

If you require serious medical attention, go to your nearest Emergency Department. For life-threatening, time-critical emergencies, call 9-1-1.

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