LHSC's Recruitment Process

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment that inspires teamwork, respect for the individual, collaboration and professional development, which is reflected in our recruitment practices.  

Once you’ve applied for a position through our online recruiting system, the following steps are taken to identify potential candidates.  

Applicant Screening  

Once a resume is submitted, the recruitment team will screen all potential candidates and determine, based on skills and qualifications, if the candidate meets the minimum requirements of the job posting. They will then collaborate with hiring leaders to determine which candidates will move forward in the application process.  


For a variety of roles at LHSC, applicants will be asked to participate in a virtual test specific to the job they are applying for. This virtual test is proctored by the recruitment team. Based on test scores, candidates may receive an invitation to interview for the position.  

Personal interview(s)

Job interviews are scheduled by the recruitment team, with the majority of interviews taking place virtually. Interviews are conducted with either members of the recruitment team, the hiring leaders, or both. For certain positions, candidates may need to participate in more than one interview.  


References are conducted prior to a job offer being made, and in some cases are completed before an interview is scheduled. We ask your permission to speak with current and previous supervisors who can provide us with work-related references.

Police Information Check

Trust and professionalism are priorities in care delivery. As part of our hiring requirements and as a condition of employment, all new staff must have a Police Information Check completed and must provide the original to Recruitment Services. The fee for this is paid for by the candidate and is not reimbursed by LHSC.

Health Review  

As part of our hiring requirements and as a condition of employment, all new staff must complete a Health Review Form and send it, along with required supporting documents, to Occupational Health and Safety Services for review. More information can be found in the Health Review section of the website.