Vision, Mission, Goals & Plan


To attain a standard of excellence in patient care, research and education that is recognized locally, nationally and internationally, while serving as a catalyst for continuous improvement in our profession.


The Department of Dentistry strives to serve its profession as a leader in-patient centered care, education and research. We work with our patients, partners and each other to ensure patients have access to the most comprehensive and clinically advanced care possible. We respect the unique needs and values of our patients and their families, our fellow health care professionals, individual members of our department and the resources we are allocated by our hospital. By providing an environment that inspires teamwork, respect and collaboration, we attract and retain the best people.


The Department of Dentistry is an academic unit whose primary role is health care delivery to the patients within LHSC, London and Southwestern Ontario. In association with the University of Western Ontario's Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, we promote continuous learning through innovative education and research. We endeavour to improve the quality of life for our patients while respecting the resource limitations of the LHSC. As a leader in hospital dental care, we embrace the multidisciplinary team approach of programmatic development. We respect our patients' values, preferences and need which is the cornerstone of patient-centred care.


The Department of Dentistry will, through example, set the standard by which academic dentistry will measure excellence in patient care, research and education. The Department embraces innovation in fiscal management, administration and endeavours for optimal quality of working life for its staff.