Ecological Stewardship

LHSC Hospitals

The Ecological Stewardship program is a holistic approach to understanding, managing and reducing the impact our hospitals have on the planet. Based on the Ecological Footprint model, it calculates the impact an organization has on the renewable resources of the planet and determines how much of the planet (expressed in global hectares Gh) is required to sustain that organization.

London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC) is one of only a few healthcare facilities in Canada to have calculated their Ecological Footprint and is the only organization using this information as a benchmarking tool to improve ecological performance. This program tracks resources as they come into the organization, are used for patient care, and are disposed, recycled or reused.

LHSC’s Energy Stewardship program has been working to reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions since 2002 and has been recognized both provincially and nationally.

"Our choices at all levels individual, community, corporate and government affect nature. And they affect us."

-David Suzuki