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FEMAP research projects

FEMAP is involved in multiple research projects, and is working with a number of professionals in various academic disciplines. We also train undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students in clinical research involving mood and anxiety disorders.

Past research has used functional brain imaging (with functional MRI scans) to study: connections between depression and self-injurious behavior, emotional regulation in mood disorders with and without regular marijuana use, exercise as a treatment of depression, and understanding stigma for youth with emotional concerns. We are investigating the ways in which mood problems, anxiety problems and substance abuse affect the “reward processing centers” of the brain.

For more detailed information about each of our studies, as well as studies for which we are currently seeking participant volunteers, please see below.

Participate in research

It is the expectation (not requirement) that FEMAP patients will volunteer to participate in studies of the nature, causes of and best way to serve our future patients. Only through such volunteerism will we be able to progress towards better care of individuals with mood and anxiety concerns.

If you are interested in participating in research, contact Mike, Research Coordinator at:

Phone: 519-646-6000 extension 65196