Prenatal Genetics Clinic

Prenatal Referral Form

How to Make a Referral to Prenatal Genetics:

To make a referral, please complete the referral form below, and send it along with the following information by fax to 519-685-8214:

  1. Reason for referral including any relevant documentation and investigations performed to date.
  2. Copy of ultrasounds, if available, or LMP if an ultrasound has not yet been performed.
  3. Most recent blood group and type on a laboratory report.

Referring physicians will be contacted with the appointment date and time

Individuals seen through the Prenatal Genetics Clinic receive comprehensive genetic counselling which includes a discussion of the management options available to them. Diagnostic testing including CVS and amniocentesis are available as appropriate. 

Referral Criteria for the Prenatal Genetics Clinic include:

  • Women with a positive enhanced first trimester screen or second trimester screen who meet at least one of the following criteria:

    1. a risk for Trisomy 21 or 18 greater than 1 in 20
    2. patient preference for invasive testing
    3. patient’s screen was ordered by a midwife

    For all other positive screens with a normal nuchal translucency (NT):
    Due to the extremely high volume of referrals to our clinic and anticipated wait-time, we suggest you initiate NIPT (non-invasive prenatal testing) for your patient.  NIPT results will take approximately 7-10 business days.  NIPT information and requisitions can be found on

  • Pregnancies with an NT measurement of ≥3.5 mm
  • High-risk NIPT, atypical finding on NIPT, or two failed attempts at NIPT
  • Individuals affected with or with a family history of:
    • Single gene conditions
    • Polygenic and multifactorial conditions
    • Chromosomal alterations (numerical or structural)
    • Inborn errors of metabolism
    • Pregnancies with identified ultrasound abnormalities.  Pregnancies affected with ultrasound anomalies other than first-trimester increased NT/cystic hygroma can be referred to the multi-disciplinary Fetal Development Clinic.

MFM/FDC Referral Form

Pregnant women who have been exposed to potentially harmful substances (drugs, alcohol, radiation, chemical, infectious agents) should be referred to the FRAME (Fetal Risk Assessment from Maternal Exposure) clinic. 

For additional questions, please contact our prenatal triage team at 519-685-8500, extension 52571. 
We also welcome physician inquiries at (519) 685-8140.

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